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Wholesale Hub
Selling wholesale online can be complicated – Wholesale Hub is here to make it easy!

The Wholesale Hub app eliminates the need to create a second Shopify store or create workarounds for Shopify’s pricing and variants system.

Plus, it has professional wholesale features like net payment terms, quick order forms, minimums, and more! It’s everything a business needs to sell wholesale on Shopify.

Who is Wholesale Hub for?

Wholesale Hub is for anyone who wants to sell wholesale on Shopify!

B2B businesses:

Wholesale Hub gives you an easy way to shield your catalog from the public and offer wholesale services to your industry customers.

B2C businesses:

If you want to add a wholesale function to your B2C store, Wholesale Hub will allow you to do that within your existing store. No need to create a second Shopify store:  just install Wholesale Hub and your business customers will use accounts to access your wholesale pricing.

Regardless of where your business is at, everyone gets access to professional wholesale features. Whether you’re brand new to wholesale or you’ve got an established business, Wholesale Hub offers the features that B2B customers expect. Meet those expectations with things like net payment terms and quick order forms.

How does Wholesale Hub work?

Tag Accounts

Wholesale Hub allows you to offer wholesale or VIP pricing to specific customers by tagging their accounts. When they sign in, they will see the wholesale pricing you have set for them. You can set different tags for different custom groups, such as gold pricing and silver pricing.

Add Features

Once your groups and tags are set up, you can add a variety of features to build your wholesale systems. These features are highly customizable so you can be very specific about the customer experience.

All in Your Existing Store

Using Wholesale Hub means you don’t have to set up a second store just for wholesale customers. It works within your existing store, keeping things simple and efficient!

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Customer groups to avoid duplication

Offer wholesale or VIP pricing to customers by tagging their accounts. You can create a tag that applies to a group of customers and allows them (and only them!) to see discounted pricing you have created. Create as many tagged groups as you like based on the different discounts you want to offer to different customers.

Quick Order Form

Wholesale buyers often know exactly which products they need and at what quantities. The Quick Order Form pulls all of a store’s products into a simple form that buyers can use to efficiently place their orders.

Extra Fees

Wholesale Hub has the option to add extra fees if desired. If you want to include a handling fee, service fee, or extra shipping fee, you can!

Free Support

Our world-class support team is here to help every step of the way! Emily, Paige, Kay, Jack, and Alex are available to answer your questions, and Rob and Iurii will dig into those extra-complicated technical issues to make sure things run smoothly for you.


Discounts go hand-in-hand with tagged groups. Set up groups based on how you want to organize your customers, and then apply discounts so that these groups see wholesale prices when they log in to their accounts.


You can set order minimums to ensure that wholesale orders reach a certain size. This is done either by total cart value or by total number of products in the cart (or both!). You can also set minimums on specific collections, products, and/or variants for extremely granular control.

Free Shipping Option

By default, Wholesale Hub maintains the existing shipping settings in your store. But if you want to offer free shipping to wholesale customers but not to your B2C customers, you have the option to override your other shipping rates and offer free shipping.

Additional Features on the Professional Plan

Volume Discounts

Bigger orders are always better! And what better way to incentivize bigger orders than by offering volume discounts. These allow you to offer an additional discount when customers reach a specific threshold in cart total value. For example, offer 5% off for orders over $1000.

Net Terms

For many industries, offering net terms is a requirement of selling wholesale. Wholesale Hub makes it simple by allowing you to tag customers with a specific net terms tag, which allows them to submit their order on the Cart page and skip the checkout.

Custom Prices

If you want to get really specific, you can create a custom price for every item in your catalog, down to the cent. This is a hyper-granular alternative to setting discounts at the collection level. You can also create different custom prices for different customer groups! To save time, custom prices can be imported via a CSV file.

Even More Features on the Premium Plan

Product Visibility

It’s important to control product visibility while running a retail and wholesale store all in one place. Sometimes you’ve gotta keep certain wholesale products or collections hidden from retail customers, or even between different types of wholesale accounts. Product Visibility gives you that control!

Chat Support

Our amazing support team is available for all merchants, but on our Premium Plan you can access them even more quickly through live chat!

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Over 400 5-star reviews in the Shopify App Store

5 star rating

“I am new on the app, but it already make a difference for my wholesale order! i love it! Paige helped me to add the quick order form, the service is A1! 10/10 would recommend”

5 star rating

“James has been very responsive and helpful while we have created wholesale customers and pricing for our online shop. He even helped us look into something that turned out to be an issue with our theme, not the Wholesale Hub app, and he let us know exactly what we needed to relay to the theme developers to resolve the problem. Great customer service and friendly to work with.”

5 star rating

“The Wholesale Hub app is a great alternative for the B2B option within Shopify. The discounts are a little bit limited, but that is not the app’s fault, it’s the Shopify platform. Every time we have doubts/questions the team is very helpful and prompt to help. I highly recommend it.”

5 star rating

“This app allow me to create a B2B section into our website to give the option for retails and sellers to buy direct into our website with their own price list. I’ve tried many app but this is the one that I found with a easy user interface and with an amazing support team. I’ve open a lot of tickets and they give me an amazing assistance! So congratulations, really happy to use this app!”

5 star rating

“Saved me a ton of time and effort to have different pricing levels for different people and companies. We use it for our B2B Dealer Network, and Sponsored Players/Team with separate price structures for each of them! Great Price to Value Ratio!”

5 star rating

“We use WC to create a VIP shopping area on our D2C website. The app is easy to use and install. Customer service is incredibly friendly and helpful; they were able to quickly implement small customizations to make the app suit our needs and work with our website’s theme.”

5 star rating

“I use this app to separate my costumers into groups with different discounts and conditions. It saves me a lot of hassle because it’s all automatic! I couldn’t be more impressed with costumer support either. Very fast to respond and eager to help. They even helped out with problems I had in my code regarding other apps.
I recommend!”

5 star rating

“The app is easy to use and does everything we need. Appreciate the helpful online guides and video tutorials. Whenever we have any difficulties we always receive excellent customer support with extremely fast response times from Kay.”

5 star rating

“We use Wholesale Hub to manage a list of custom wholesale prices, net terms checkout, and create wholesale orders in the Shopify POS app. Support has been great with fast turnaround times and help answering questions about functionality. Migrated from another wholesale app and it was a good decision!”

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