Wholesale Hub 101

Our Shopify wholesale app, Wholesale Hub, is the absolute best way to sell wholesale on Shopify. It gives you all the features you need to run a professional B2B business. We’ve developed these features because wholesale customers have different expectations than regular B2C customers, and because B2B businesses sometimes need to operate in special ways.

If you’re new to wholesale, or new to Shopify (or both!) you may have questions about how these features work. That’s where Wholesale Hub 101 comes in! It’s here to provide detailed explanations – not just of how a feature works in the app, but how they work for wholesale businesses in general.

Net Terms

Net Terms gives a customer time to sell merchandise before they pay their wholesale bill.

Read about Net Terms with Wholesale Hub

Order Minimums

Some wholesalers may want to set minimum order requirements for their customers’ purchases.

Read about Order Minimums with Wholesale Hub

Custom Prices

If you want to get really granular with your wholesale pricing, you’ll want to set up custom prices!

Read about Custom Prices with Wholesale Hub

Quick Order Form

Quick order forms enable wholesale customers to quickly and easily re-order products.

Read about Quick Order Forms with Wholesale Hub

Volume Discounts

If you want to give customers a price break when they buy larger quantities, an easy way to do that is with volume discounts.

Read about Volume Discounts with Wholesale Hub


Product Visibility

You may want to hide certain B2B products from B2C customers, or vice versa – do that with product visibility!

Read about Product Visibility with Wholesale Hub

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