Wholesale Club 101: Custom Prices

by | Nov 25, 2022

This post is part of a series that goes over the basics of Wholesale Club. If you’re new to selling wholesale, or just new to the Wholesale Club app, you’re in the right place! Check out the rest of the series here.

Custom prices are much simpler than some other Wholesale Club features (like net terms and order minimums) but they’re still worth a deep dive! They’re an important part of setting up a wholesale store so let’s get to it.

What are custom prices and how do they work?

Custom prices are exactly what they sound like – the ability to get really granular and set a specific price for any item in your store. You’re likely already familiar with them if you’re a Shopify merchant, because that’s how a standard Shopify store works: you set whatever price you want for each item. The big difference with wholesale is that custom prices allow you to set a second, specific wholesale price that only logged-in B2B customers can see.

Custom prices are an alternative to flat discounts. While it’s easy to apply a single wholesale discount across your products, custom prices give you the flexibility to get specific. Of course, there may be instances where it makes more sense to set flat discounts, and you can do that too! With Wholesale Club you have the flexibility to do both.

Why would a business set custom prices?

One big reason is margins. It may not make sense to apply a flat wholesale discount across products if those products have varying profit margins. Custom prices allow merchants to carefully control their wholesale prices if that makes sense for their business.

Custom prices may also come in handy if a wholesaler is trying to clear out specific merchandise. Those products could be deeply discounted using custom prices, while other products are left at their regular wholesale discount rates.

Lastly, custom prices are great for shops that regularly change their pricing. This feature makes it easy to upload a new price list at any time.

How do order minimums work in Wholesale Club?

First, we have to mention that net terms are a feature available on the Professional Plan and the Premium Plan. So if you’re on the Basic Plan and you want to implement custom prices, you’ll need to upgrade. It’s worth it, though, because upgrading also gets you more features!

Setting up custom prices in Wholesale Club is very easy. You just add a customer tag with a 0% discount rate, then add all the collections that have products that need custom prices. Then you enter the new price, and that’s it! You can also add custom prices via CSV file, which helps if you have lots of products that need new prices. All the how-to details are available in our Help Center.

Custom Prices Resources

To see the Custom Prices feature in action, check out the Wholesale Club demo store. You can also read more in our Help Center, or check out the video below!

Not using Wholesale Club yet? Head to the Shopify App Store to install now!

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