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by | Jun 2, 2022

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Every merchant wants to offer upsells on Shopify. It’s by far one of the most popular types of deals out there! That’s why this post exists: to help you use Ultimate Special Offer to offer upsells to your customers. Read on to learn what an upsell is, why you might want to run one, how to offer an upsell with Ultimate Special Offers, and some tips to make the most of your upsells.

What is an upsell?

An upsell is an offer that is presented to a customer to incentivize them to spend more. This can take a few different forms, so let’s get specific about what an upsell looks like with Ultimate Special Offers:

You set the trigger product(s) and when a customer puts one in their cart, a popup immediately offers them a complementary product (or products).

There’s no discount and nothing complicated – it’s just a nice little popup suggesting one or more products that go well with what’s in their cart. Here’s an example from the Ultimate Special Offers demo store:

A screenshot of an upsell popup

Looking for an upsell that happens after a customer has made a purchase? Check out Ultimate Special Offers’ Post-Purchase Upsell offer.

Why run an upsell?

Upsells are great for business! Here’s why:

Upsells increase Average Order Value (AOV). The customer is already in your store shopping, and now you’re encouraging them to add more products to their cart. This means bigger sales and increased AOV!

Upsells are super easy to run. There’s no need for a special sale – just set up the offer and you’re done. Every time a customer puts a trigger product in their cart, there’s the upsell offer! Easy peasy.

Upsells draw attention to specific merchandise. Because they pop up, they’re impossible to miss! They can help highlight new products or items that you want to move more of.

Upsells give the customer the feeling of shopping in a physical store. They take the place of a salesperson, suggesting a product that goes well with the one they’re interested in.

How to set up an upsell with Ultimate Special Offers

To set up an upsell offer in Ultimate Special Offers, first determine a strategy, then set up the offer in the app admin.

Determine a strategy

The easiest way to decide your approach to your upsell offer is to consider the following questions:

    • What product(s), variant(s) or collection(s) will trigger the upsell?
    • What product(s), variant(s), or collection(s) will you offer as the upsell? When picking a product or products, you could:
        • Highlight a new product
        • Offer a product that is complementary to the trigger product(s)
        • Offer a small/inexpensive product to make it more likely the upsell will convert
        • Offer a service, such as gift wrapping

Set up the offer in the app admin

Help Center to the rescue! Head over to the page Making an Upsell offer for the step-by-step instructions.

Upsell tips

    Pair complementary products 

    When it comes to creating successful upsell offers, it’s important to keep product pairing in mind. The upsell should complement or bring additional value to the initial product selection, such as cleanser to go with moisturizer, or earrings that match a selected necklace.

    Consider price 

    Because the upsell comes at an additional cost, try to refrain from featuring products that are significantly higher in price, as this will likely result in a lower conversion rate. It’s a best practice to keep the upsell within 15% to 25% of the price of the initial item, in terms of additional cost, in order to maximize your conversion rate.

    Include multiple products 

    Don’t be afraid to offer more than one product as part of your upsell strategy. Data shows that shoppers are more responsive to offers that present at least 3 products as an upsell, as long as they are highly relevant to the initial item selected.

    Test different combinations

    Try promotions that use different triggers and suggested upsells, variations on the number of upsells offered, and products at different price points to see what converts best with your customers. Once you’ve figured out what tactics produce the highest results, you can focus on those sales to maximize revenue.

    Test different offer messaging

    You get to customize the text that goes along with your offer, so make the most of it! Try out different wording to see what converts best.

    Upsell Resources

    To see the Upsell offer in action, check out the Ultimate Special Offers demo store. The video below also offers info on running an upsell on Shopify with Ultimate Special Offers.

    Not using Ultimate Special Offers yet? Head to the Shopify App Store to install now!

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