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Ultimate Special Offers has 9 promotions types, all in one app!

Stop juggling multiple apps and manage all your deals in one place.

Mix and match deals, customize promotions, and test offers to see what produces the best results. All nine offer types are described below, and you can find detailed guides to each here.

Plus, Ultimate Special Offers gives you the opportunity to run post-purchase offers, an extremely effective way to increase average order value!

What Ultimate Special Offers Can Do For Your Business

Increase Average Order Value

Make the most of each sale by offering deals that incentivize customers to add more to their cart. All nine offer types will encourage your customers to buy more when they shop with you. And you don’t even need to run a special sale – you can set up post-purchase upsells or regular upsells, which can run year round!

Run Your Business More Efficiently

Manage all your sales in one convenient place! Stop installing a different app for each type of sale you want to run and just use Ultimate Special Offers. No more conflicting apps, and no more having to keep track of different offers in different places.

Create Return Customers

Use different sales to introduce products that require repurchase. BOGO and Bundles are great ways to encourage the purchase of a new product!

Find Your Best Sales

Mix and match offer types to figure out what maximizes profits for your store. With nine offer types to choose from, you’ll be able to test, test, test, and run the most successful sales possible. 

Clear Out Inventory

Move merchandise with volume or bulk offers, which give quantity breaks, or offer free gifts or BOGO discounts. You get a ton of flexibility to set up sales that will help you move whichever goods you choose.

Try Something New

Ultimate Special Offers is a great place to set up your tried-and-true, go-to promotions. And when it’s time for something new, no need to install another app – you’ve got a bunch more new options, right here!

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Nine promotion types, all in one app

Supercharge your sales with post-purchase offers, BOGOs, volume discounts, and more

The AOV Boosters:

This super-valuable offer is an incredible way to increase average order value by offering an upsell immediately after a customer has made a purchase. The one-click add-to-order upsell option embedded right into your checkout. The best thing about Post-Purchase Upsell is that it doesn’t require a special sale – you can have it running year round so that every sale has the potential for an upsell!

Read our article, Post-Purchase Upsells on Shopify with Ultimate Special Offers, for details on how to run post-purchase offers, why all merchants should be running them, and tips to increase conversion rates.

See the Post-Purchase Upsell offer in action in the demo store.

This is like two offers in one! Show customers similar products of a higher value or items that complement the one they’re looking at. You’re offering a great product pairing, or a better version of a product, just like you would if you were a sales associate in a brick and mortar store. And since there’s no discount involved, there’s no hit to your margin – just an higher order value.

Read our article, Upsells on Shopify with Ultimate Special Offers, for details on how to offer upsells to your customers.

See the Upsell offer in action in the demo store.

Encourage customers to spend more by setting a goal amount for chosen products or collections and offering a discount when the goal is reached. Discounts can be percentage-based or fixed amounts. Another great way to increase order value!

Read our article, Goals Offers on Shopify with Ultimate Special Offers, to get all the info on how goal offers work.

See the Goal offer in action in the demo store.

The Classics:

“Buy X, Get Y” discounts customized for your store! There is so much flexibility with this offer type – you can vary the number of items involved (eg, buy one get one, buy one get two, buy two get one) as well as whether the bonus items are free, a specific price, discounted by percentage, or discounted by dollar amount. An excellent way to increase average order value!

Read our article, BOGO Sales on Shopify with Ultimate Special Offers, to learn why BOGO sales are so valuable, how they work, and strategies for sales success.

See the BOGO offer in action in the demo store.

The traditional sale! Choose which products or collections to discount and by how much. No need for customers to add a code here – discounts automatically apply at checkout.

Read our article, Discounts on Shopify with Ultimate Special Offers, to learn about automatic discounts and how they can work in your store.

See the Discount offer in action in the demo store.

Bundles are a great way to encourage shoppers to buy more products. They’re an upselling method that offers a discount when products are purchased as a group. Customers feel that they got more value for their money, and you got a bigger sale!

Check out our article, Bundles on Shopify with Ultimate Special Offers, to learn all the ins and out of running bundles, including the important distinctions between curating bundles yourself, and letting customers create their own.

See the Bundle offer in action in the demo store.

The Merchandise Movers:

Encourage customers to buy more and save more with volume offers! You can create multiple pricing tiers for products or collections, with increasing discounts based on higher purchase volume. For example, buy two, get 10% off, buy 3 get 20% off, buy 4, get 25% off.

Our article, Volume Discounts on Shopify with Ultimate Special Offers, details how volume offers work, reasons to run one, and creative tips for making the most of volume sales.

See the Volume offer in action in the demo store.

Bulk is like a volume discount, but just one tier! Reward customers for making bulk orders with a percentage or fixed price discount. For example, buy 4 items from the same collection and get 10% off.

Check out our article, Bulk Discounts on Shopify with Ultimate Special Offers to find out everything you need to know about bulk deals, and how to make them successful in your store.

See the Bulk offer in action in the demo store.

Everyone loves getting something for free! Motivate customers to spend more by offering free gifts on orders above given order thresholds. A great way to entice customers to click on ads or social media and visit your store.

Check out our article, Free Gifts on Shopify with Ultimate Special Offers, for info on how to offer free gifts with purchase in you store.

See the Free Gift offer in action in the demo store.

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Customizable sale badges

If you’re going to run a deal, customers need to know about it! Ultimate Special Offers enables you to have granular control over how sale badges appear in your store, including placement, text color, shape, and more.

Easy installation

Get your first offer up and running in just minutes. Installation is very straightforward, and if you need any assistance, our Help Center and Support Team are here for you.

Free, awesome support

Our world-class Support Team is here to help every step of the way! Emily, Paige, Kay, Jack, and Alex are available to answer your questions, and Rob and Iurii will dig into those extra-complicated technical issues to make sure things run smoothly for you. You can chat with our team via email or using live chat directly in the app!

In-depth offer analytics

Track the sales you’ve made with Ultimate Special Offers so you can optimize and run the offers that make you the most money! You can see 30 days worth of data in the analytics dashboard and compare up to three offers at once.

Schedule sales in advance

Set it and forget it! Create efficiency by planning your sales in advance and then don’t worry about turning them off – they’ll end at whatever time you set.

Segment customers to offer exclusive deals

Reward certain customers by offering them exclusive sales. You can choose to make your offer visible only to folks who have signed into their account, and you can limit things even further by choosing customers who have specific tags. This is a great way to offer VIP sales!

Over 400 5-star reviews in the Shopify App Store

5 star rating

“This app is so wonderful! It’s easy to use and customize to your theme. We’ve been using it for awhile now and have had really great results (increased aov in particular!). I highly recommend trying it out.”

4 stars

“REALLY great service – quick + they got to the bottom of our issue. Rarely do reviews but after they fixed our issue – felt looked after by a real person which isn’t always the case with an app you sign up for.”

5 star rating

“A very versatile app, allowing you to create all kind of discounts you’d like for your store! I can’t think of a better app to use because it allows me to apply any conditions I want for my customers. My favorite part, however, is the customer support – AMAZING customer support who are always there to help: They never left a question unanswered and I know I can rely on them, which is something I never experienced in any app/platform before. Sometimes it may take working your way around Shopify’s default discount system to get exactly what you want, for me Paige from customer support has always made this possible (Thank you so much Paige!).”

5 star rating

“I have been using this app for sometime now and it has helped us grow while increasing business. It is incredibility versatile and can be used in so many ways and easy to use. But I must add, more importantly, the support has been ABSOLUTELY SUPERB throughout whenever I have needed assistance to make sure everything work smoothly. While everyone has been great, may I mention ROB has been brilliant in coming back to me and helping me make adjustments when I changed my template. Many Thanks again, Alex Italian food Traders”

5 star rating

“I use this app to help with monthly promos and love it! I had some coding issues with the app and the team was very quick and helpful with resolving the issue. Would highly recommend! I feel like I have a team of IT with this company which helps me as a small business owner.”

5 star rating

“The Ultimate Special Offer service team is brilliant. They helped me code a custom bundle for my French market. I highly recommend this product as the service team is profesionnal and very nice. Thank you James !”

5 star rating

“Excellent program for providing promotional offers in various ways. We extensively use this program to provide incentives and give additional value to our customers beyond a simple discount.”

5 star rating

“The app is great for increasing your average order value and has great support. I was faced with a particular issue within the app, submitted a support ticket and they solved the issue in a short amount of time. Recommend.”

5 star rating

“I needed help setting up my offer and they responded the same day with great information and a solution for my question. 10/10 recommend :)”

5 star rating

“From all the apps I’ve used for promotions this has been BY FAR the most user-friendly and effective. Kay from customer service helped us in no time to have it all set for our site. Highly recommend you try this app for your store!.”


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