Ultimate Special Offers Q1 2022 Review

by | Apr 21, 2022

The year is flying by and we’re already done Q1! We sent this Q1 review out to our Ultimate Special Offers merchants last week, and this is the first one to come from Orbit. As always, it’s packed with useful and interesting info for shops that use our sales and discount app. If you’re not using Ultimate Special Offers in your Shopify store, get it here!

Like always, we start with our quarterly stats:

Overview of how much money merchants made from USO in Q1

The takeaway: volume discounts are consistently the most popular offer type. If you’ve got Ultimate Special Offers in your store but you haven’t tried a volume deal, set one up now!

This quarterly review also put the spotlight on a few other things:

Are you a Shopify merchant and you’re not using Ultimate Special Offers? Install it today! You can also check out Ultimate Special Offers HQ for all the tips and info you need.

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