Ultimate Special Offers: Offer Types

The huge benefit of our Shopify discounts app, Ultimate Special Offers, is that it gives you nine promotion types to choose from. This means you don’t have to install a bunch of different apps to run different sales; instead you can conveniently manage all of your deals from one place. The offer types are also super flexible, providing you with endless ways to run sales.

The challenge of all these options and flexibility is that you may not know where to start. Especially if you are new to ecommerce or Shopify, you may be overwhelmed by the possibilities. To help, we’ve prepared this guide to the offer types. For each offer type, we dive into what it is, why you’d want to run it, how to set it up, and tips for success. We help you think through exactly how to make each offer work in your store so that your sales are out of this world!

Check out the guides below, and come back any time you’re thinking about trying something new!


AKA Buy X, Get Y, this versatile offer moves merchandise and increases AOV. The guide includes a handy chart to help build your offer.

Read about BOGO sales with Ultimate Special Offers.


Buy more, save more! Tiered discounts encourage larger purchases and make you more money.

Read about Volume discounts with Ultimate Special Offers.

Free Gift

Incentivize your customers to spend more by offering a free gift when the cart hits a target amount. People love free stuff!

Read about Free Gifts with Ultimate Special Offers.


Do you want to curate a bundle for your customers, or let them create their own? That’s the key question we dive into in this guide!

Read about Bundles with Ultimate Special Offers.


Give customers the option to buy in bulk and get a better price. Similar to Volume, but not the same!

Read about Bulk discounts with Ultimate Special Offers.


Increase your AOV by encouraging shoppers to buy more by offering a discount when they spend a certain amount.

Read about Goals with Ultimate Special Offers.

Post-Purchase Upsell

This offer type should be running 24/7/365 in your store! Take advantage of sales you are already making with post-purchase offers.

Read about Post-Purchase Upsells with Ultimate Special Offers.


Offer products that complement those that customers have already put in their carts.  No discount needed!

Read about Upsells with Ultimate Special Offers.


Run sales with automatic discounts – no code needed! Easier for you, and easier for your customers.

Read about Discounts with Ultimate Special Offers.

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