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This space is for any Shopify merchant who is on a journey with Ultimate Special Offers. Whether you’re considering an install, starting out as a new user, or have had the app for a while, there’s something here for you!

We’ve divided this page into sections based on what you may be looking for. Feel free to jump around or read through the whole page if you want to be really thorough! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, give our support team a shout and they’ll help you out.

Install Ultimate Special Offers

If you’re ready to install right at this moment, you can head straight to the Ultimate Special Offers listing in the Shopify App Store. There, you can install the app directly into your store.

If you’re thinking about installing but want an overview first, check out the Ultimate Special Offers page of our site. It goes over all the features of the app and tells you exactly how Ultimate Special Offers will benefit your Shopify store (Increase AOV! Run a bunch of sales from one app! Make more money while making your life easier!).

Troubleshoot Ultimate Special Offers

Having a challenge with Ultimate Special Offers? We know it can happen. Sometimes there are conflicts with your theme, or a limitation with Shopify, or who knows what else! That’s what our Help Center and Support Team are for. Regardless of how you choose to troubleshoot, we’re here to help you out!

You can:

    • Peruse the Help Center at your leisure, if you’re the DIY type.
    • Submit a support ticket and we’ll get back to you by email.

See Ultimate Special Offers in Action

Do any of these sound like you?

    • You’re a visual learner and want to figure out how to run an offer by testing it out in a store.
    • You’re running low on creativity and want to see how other stores use Ultimate Special Offers.
    • You’re considering installing Ultimate Special Offers and you want to see an example of how offers look in practice.
    • You want to make sure we’re not making up our thousands of users and hear from some actual merchants who use the app.

If any of these apply, we’ve got solutions for you! There are three options to see Ultimate Special Offers in the real world.

The Ultimate Special Offers Demo Store lets you test out each offer type from the customer’s perspective. It makes it easy to see exactly how each of the nine offer types works.

Our Merchant Spotlights showcase a variety of merchants who use Ultimate Special Offers in their stores. They demonstrate how effective the app can be, and which offers they find the most success with.

Our YouTube channel is home to a series of videos focused on Ultimate Special Offers. It’s a great place to start for visual learners!

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Learn About Offer Types

In case you’ve missed it the thousand times we’ve said it, Ultimate Special Offers has nine offer types. Those offer types have a ton of flexibility, which means there are endless possibilities for the sales you could run. This is amazing and also often overwhelming!

We want to make it more manageable by providing lots of information on each offer type, so that’s what we’re doing here. We’ve put all the info we have on each offer here for your convenience.

To begin, you may be interested in our blog post, How to Pick an Offer. This is a great starting point because it gives you questions that will point you towards offer types that might be right for you.

If you’d rather learn about specific offer types before making a selection, or you know which one you want to run but need more info, here are all the details! For each offer type, there are four main resources:

    • A strategic guide – helps you figure out how to make your promotion successful.
    • A Help Center article – walks you through set up step by step.
    • An example in the Demo Store – shows you how an offer works from the customer’s perspective.
    • An overview video – in case you’d rather watch a video!

You can also visit all the strategic guides in one place, the main Help Center, the Demo Store, and the Ultimate Special Offers playlist on our YouTube channel.

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Level up with Ultimate Special Offers

Perhaps you’ve been using Ultimate Special Offers for a while and you’re ready to become an expert. Or maybe you’re a Shopify pro, and you know that you can handle the complexities of any app. If it’s time to really sharpen those skills, this is where you want to be! Dive into the topics below and prepare to take your promotions to the next level.

Using Unique Offer Links

Scheduling Sales

Targeting Customers by Tags

USO and Ajax Carts

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