Orbit Apps

Orbit offers apps that empower and expand the capabilities of ecommerce entrepreneurs. Our suite of Shopify apps helps merchants make more money and run their businesses more efficiently.

Do you want to…


Start selling your products wholesale?


Offer a post-purchase upsell on every sale?


Run a really awesome promotion?


Capture the attention of your store visitors?


Demonstrate social proof to your shoppers?

We’ve got a Shopify app for that!

Our app suite includes three categories: Sales Growth, Pricing and Store Design. Explore the categories below!

Sales Growth

It’s what every Shopify merchant wants: more sales! Both in terms of quantity, and in terms of larger volume sales from the customers who are already shopping in your store. Sales growth apps are perfect for this: they draw in more customers and incentivize shoppers to spend more once they’re in your store. The best sales growth apps (like Ultimate Special Offers!) provide a variety of flexible ways to increase sales, so that you can mix and match and figure out what brings in the most profit.

Nine promotion types, all in one place!

From bundles to BOGO, post-purchase offers to automatic discounts, free gifts to volume discounts, Ultimate Special Offers has every sale covered. Increase average order value, find your best sales, and run your business more efficiently!

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There comes a time in every shop owner’s career where they need a custom pricing solution because Shopify’s default settings won’t quite work. A prominent example of this is when a store wants to sell in bulk, whether that is to regular customers, or business to business. There are a few ways of sorting out a pricing issue like this, but the simplest (and generally the cheapest) is with an app. Pricing apps are here to help customize how merchants price their products for different customer groups.

The easiest way to sell wholesale on Shopify!

Create custom members-only pricing, set minimums, offer net payment terms, and more, all within your existing Shopify store. Perfect for B2B businesses, whether you’re a longstanding wholesale company or you’re just getting started selling to retailers.

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Affiliate & Pricing

Just as store design apps boost your site’s appeal and pricing apps tailor your rates, Alliance Pro is your one-stop Shopify solution for pro program management. Reward your brand’s champions with exclusive discounts and enjoy a new revenue stream. With Alliance Pro, easily manage discounts, applications, and renewals—all from one dashboard. Elevate your pro program, and let us handle the details.

Unlock a new revenue stream on Shopify with a tailor-made solution for managing and growing your pro purchase program.

Provide exclusive discounts to qualified industry professionals, ambassadors, and VIPs who champion your products and directly drive revenue and brand recognition.

Alliance Pro streamlines and automates your pro deal program by giving you control over discounts, spend limits, applications, accreditation, specialty group memberships, automated program renewal reminders, and more.

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Store Design

When you think of Shopify store design, you may think of themes, but the real key to store design is apps! Store design apps add all kinds of bells and whistles to your store that can help increase sales, whether that’s by improving navigation, communication, trust, or product awareness. They add flexibility to your store so that you can get customers’ attention and point them in the right direction, just like you would in a brick-and-mortar store.

A super comprehensive and super simple popup app!

It’s not a contradiction – Pixelpop is really easy to use, while also being very robust! The customizable popups can gather email signups, make announcements, promote products and coupons, and much more.

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Combine Orbit’s Shopify apps to maximize success!

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Increase your email list, then send a discount just to your subscribers.
Wholesale Club and Ultimate Special Offers icons
Use customer tags to keep retail sales and wholesale sales separate with confidence.
Pixelpop and Wholesale Club icons
Use popups to communicate with potential wholesale customers to streamline their onboarding.