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Pixelpop is a popup app that provides 7 types of customizable popups and 4 popup shapes.

Options include popular popups like email signup, coupon codes, and social follows. You can choose your colors, text, images, placement, and more!

Best of all, Pixelpop is super easy to use! It takes only seconds to install and you can have your first popup up and running in just minutes – zero coding required. It is extremely beginner-friendly, but also powerful enough for veteran ecommerce merchants!

What Pixelpop Can Do For Your Business

Increase Conversions

Show an exit-intent pop up when the customer moves their cursor to leave your site.

Drive Traffic to Important Content

Direct visitors to featured products, collection pages, blog posts, and other content you want them to see.

Increase Success of Special Offers

Use pop ups to entice your customers with special offers like free shipping and discount codes.

Enhance Marketing

Capture email signups from visitors, and sync directly to Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or Conversio. You can also promote your social channels with popups and build your follows and audience!

Improve Performance Through Analytics

Track clicks and conversions with a simple, elegant dashboard.

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App Features

Seven Popup Types

Use this popup to collect email addresses for your mailing list and marketing campaigns. You can offer a discount code as part of the signup confirmation, which is a great way to incentivize customers to enter their email addresses!

Additionally, Pixelpop has integrations with Mailchimp, CM Commerce, and Constant Contact. If you use a different email marketing system, you can upload collected email addresses via CSV file.

See all the popup types in action in the Pixelpop demo store.

Draw shoppers’ attention to important information. This could be a sale, shipping offer, store update, or anything else you want visitors to know. This popup type is a catch-all – it’s totally flexible for whatever your business needs!

See all the popup types in action in the Pixelpop demo store.

This popup is ideal for directing visitors to specific content on your site, such as a new product or collection, or a valuable blog post. It’s the best way to make sure customers check out specific content in your shop and drive traffic where you want it to go.

See all the popup types in action in the Pixelpop demo store.

If you’re going to run a discount, you want people to know about it! Use this popup to share a current coupon code with shoppers, incentivizing them to make a purchase.

See all the popup types in action in the Pixelpop demo store.

This popup allows you to use any image you want to grab shoppers’ attention. It’s a great opportunity to put an eye-catching graphic to good use! This works especially well for new products, or items that are on sale.

See all the popup types in action in the Pixelpop demo store.

This popup encourages visitors to follow you on your social media accounts, which helps keep them connected to your business. You can include your profiles on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+.

See all the popup types in action in the Pixelpop demo store.

Many countries, including the EU, require that websites inform visitors of how they use cookies. The cookie notice popup enables you to do just that!

See all the popup types in action in the Pixelpop demo store.

Four Popup Shapes

Promo Bar

The promo bar appears at the top or bottom of the page and is great for free shipping, coupon codes, and cookie disclaimers.


Modals pop up in the middle of the screen and are great for email signups, special offers, and product announcements.


The card sits in any corner of the page and is ideal for new products/collections, social popups, and coupon codes.

Full-Screen Takeover

Self-explanatory – take over the entire window! Get customers’ full attention for limited-time offers and flash sales.

Easy App Management

Full-screen editor with live preview

Simple to use, and you can check to make sure everything is perfect before sending your popups out into the world.

Pop up customization that matches your brand.

Select from six design styles, then edit the font, colours, and image. You can also use custom CSS!

Smart timing and delays

Time your popup perfectly with exit-intent and other delays, including time on site, pages viewed, and scroll distance down the page.

Free, awesome support

Our world-class support team is here to help every step of the way! Emily, Paige, Kay, Jack, and Alex are available to answer your questions, and Rob and Iurii will dig into those extra-complicated technical issues to make sure things run smoothly for you.

Advanced targeting

Target customers by country and device, or run campaigns targeting visitors of specific pages or those arriving from URL/UTM parameters.

Display frequency controls

Control how often your popup displays (e.g. once per day, once per visit) and when it should stop showing to visitors.

Manage and track popups easily

Track clicks and conversions with a simple, elegant dashboard. Use it to manage popups and compare performance over time.

No code changes—takes seconds to install

Pixelpop requires no knowledge of code. It takes seconds to install and starts working automatically.

Get going with popups right now!

4.6 Star Rating in the Shopify App Store

5 star rating

this app is awesome!!! James customer service is awesome!!! Please download this app is you need the extra push for your store

5 star rating

“I used Pixelpop to create a banner for our website for a sale we just published. VERY EASY to use and very customizable – you can edit the CSS to your heart’s delight, which is a big plus. I ran into one small problem with the banner not appearing and customer support got back to me pretty quickly. All around recommend.”

5 star rating

“Great app, very intuitive and wonderful templates. Support is top notch. I highly recommend this for any store looking to add popups.”

5 star rating

“I am using this app to gather emails when people exit the website. I’m using the free version. There are a few basic templates which are fine. I had some trouble with them but support was excellent and got me going right away. They really seem to care about their customers. I would recommend this app.”

5 star rating

“I searched for an app to install pop ups as easy as possible. It is really easy to use. As a beginner I needed 5 minutes to install my first pop up. 4 minutes for design and 1 minute to start 🙂 Thank you”

5 star rating

“its made a massive difference in directing all the traffic to where we want them! Highly Recommended!”

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