How to Move Merchandise in Your Shopify Store

by | Aug 10, 2022

Starting to see your inventory pile up around you? Worried about what you’re hearing about the global economy?

Let’s not panic. We’ll all get through this together. And we’ve got tools to help!

Last week, the shipping company Maersk, which is an indicator for global trade, said that it’s expecting a slowdown in global shipping container demand for the remainder of this year. Unlike the first two years of the pandemic, when demand soared and customers couldn’t access the products they wanted, sellers are now watching inventory stock up in their warehouses.


If you’re seeing this happen in your Shopify store, then we are here to help! Ultimate Special Offers is perfect for a time like this, because it gives you so many options for moving merchandise. It’s the best tool you could have in your toolbox as the economy gets dicey. Read on to see how our offer types can help, and get some tips to maximize your success during this uncertain time.

Volume & Bulk

These two offer types are excellent for moving merchandise. The entire point of both of them is to sell in larger quantities. The Volume offer allows you to set up tiered pricing, or the classic “buy more, save more” sale. Bulk is similar, but you only set up one tier of bulk pricing, so it’s a bit simpler. You could apply these offers across your store, or only to specific items, whichever makes more sense for your business.


What better way to make sales than to offer a stellar discount to your customers? You can keep it simple by putting your entire store on sale, or you can limit it to certain collections or products. You can also combine a discount with other offers to really supercharge your sales.


Pick some products you want to move and make them the “get one” part of the “buy one, get one” deal. Our BOGO offers are totally flexible, so if you really want to get sales going, increase the quantities, like “Buy 3, Get 2 Free” or “Buy 5, Get 3 at 50% off,” or whatever combination you think will sell the most!


Take those overstocked products and bundle them up with your bestsellers to help get them out the door. Or, let customers build their own bundles. There’s a ton of flexibility with this offer type, so you can create a promotion that works really well for your store.

Upsell & Post-Purchase Upsell

Whether an upsell is offered before the purchase or after, it’s a way to get specific products in front of customers and entice them to buy. Perfect for highlighting overstocked products! Pro tip: your upsells will convert better if they’re offered at a discount.

Free Gift & Goal

These two offer types incentivize customers to get to a certain spend level. You could use overstocked products as free gifts, or you could offer significant discounts when a goal is reached. Either way, these offers can be applied specifically to collections that you really want to move.

Beyond Ultimate Special Offers

Once you’ve picked the offer(s) that you’re going to try out, consider these strategies to help boost your sales:

    • Make sure that customers know about your sales the moment they arrive at your store! Use an app like Pixelpop to show popups to shoppers and promote your deals. Pixelpop has the added bonus of being able to use custom URLs to target specific groups, like your email subscribers.
    • Create urgency with deadlines. Use Ultimate Special Offers’ scheduling feature to set a start and end date for your sale. You can also advertise the deadline with a countdown timer like Countdown Timer Ultimate.
    • Test out Ultimate Special Offers’ Sale Badges feature to grab customers’ attention and highlight the items that are on sale.
    • Monitor the results carefully so you can continue to optimize your sales.

If you’ve already got Ultimate Special Offers installed in your Shopify store, head on over to your store admin and get going on your sales right now! And if you don’t have Ultimate Special Offers, here’s a handy link to add it to your store.


This blog post is brought to you by Liz, Orbit’s Marketing Generalist.

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