Merchant Spotlight: Zamp Solar

by | Apr 27, 2022

Zamp Solar comes from humble beginnings. Starting from a small garage in 2010, the company grew quickly. In 2015, they moved their offshore solar panel manufacturing back to their hometown in Bend, Oregon, which means that every Zamp Solar panel is now handcrafted in the United States.

Today, the company is the premier manufacturer and innovator of off-grid solar solutions in America.

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Spencer Welch is Zamp Solar’s Director of Ecommerce. He says they quickly expanded from an exclusive RV aftermarket solar supplier to also be a strategic OEM RV partner with the likes of Airstream, Winnebago, and many more. Recently they have entered into the Outdoor, Marine, Tiny Home, Commercial Transportation, and First Responder Markets, and a number of other industries needing Off-Grid Solar solutions.

In November of 2020 Zamp Solar made the decision to launch a direct-to-consumer store in order to efficiently bring new products to market.

“This allowed the company to grow and also develop a better understanding of who our customers are,” Spencer says.

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In early 2021, Zamp Solar launched a B2B ecommerce store that facilitated the ordering of products at dealer-tiered pricing on the same ecommerce storefront. Wholesale Club provided the tools they needed to have three different tiers of pricing on one site.

“Not only do we have a B2C and B2B, we now offer a B2Pro outlet as well for our ambassadors and outdoor industry professionals,” Spencer says. “This app has truly been an amazing add-on to bolster the strength of the Shopify platform.”

Zamp solar panel

Spencer says their favorite feature is the ability to easily control custom prices. They have also had a lot of success with tagging customers and delivering real-time pricing.

Prior to using Wholesale Club, Zamp Solar tried to use other apps on the Shopify store but nothing was working with their stack quite like Wholesale Club.

“If you are developing a store that will be for both B2C and B2B it is important to put yourself in all of your customer personas’ shoes,” Spencer shares. “Shop your own site like they would in order to develop the best user experience. Lean on the awesome app network in Shopify before you utilize custom development.“

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