Merchant Spotlight: Pirate Press Records

by | Jun 7, 2022

Christian Wagner is the digital media manager at Pirates Press Records, a punk rock record label founded in 2005. The label is based in Emeryville, which is in the San Francisco Bay Area, in California. Christian has been with the company for over nine years.

He says Pirate Press Records has been very successful in staying connected to their supporters and true to themselves. They haven’t veered away from their identity, and the end result and their fan base are proof of that.

“We’re a punk label supporting independent artists for the love of the music,” he says. “We keep things as a family – all internal decisions are made jointly and we collaborate closely with all of our artists, who we also consider family so that everyone is involved in the process.”

One change they did make is picking up Wholesale Club for their store. Prior to this, Christian says they did not have an efficient way to manage wholesale orders internally but Wholesale Club has allowed them to process wholesale orders for a subset of customers.

Christian says the custom pricing feature is a favourite, which creates the flexibility they really need to offer their products to everyone. This, along with net terms, allows a new channel for business to be processed directly through Pirate Press Records.

“The custom pricing for Wholesale and Distributor tiers is a huge difference-maker. It allows a wide array of customers to purchase directly through us,” Christian says.

Vique Martin, the label and sales manager at Pirates Press Records, shares that it’s more about the time saved than the number of orders.

Previously, Vique had to enter wholesale orders into QuickBooks manually. Then, she’d have to either export lists of items in stock or manually maintain excel spreadsheets of all the label’s titles.

Vique says, “This probably saves me about 6-8 hours a week, which is a massive amount of time that I can spend in other ways!”

Christian agrees.  He shares that prior to using Wholesale Club for wholesale, Pirate Press Records was outsourcing everything. After running their store on other platforms, they eventually found Wholesale Club through research and by vetting other Shopify store users.

Christian has some advice for other entrepreneurs and aspiring store owners:

“While there are bumps and bruises along the way with building a store out, don’t let it discourage you and don’t hesitate to ask for help. There’s a community of enthusiastic and helpful individuals out there!”


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