Merchant Spotlight: Kind Face

by | Jun 22, 2022

In 2020 the world was hit by COVID-19, spurring Chris Larcombe and his wife Sarah to start Kind Face.

By using their resources and skills in their existing company Uren Barsal (specialist soft furnishings manufacturing), they designed and stitched a range of comfortable, reusable face masks with a small team in Avondale, New Zealand. With a need to help, and a focus on natural materials and sustainable practices, Kind Face was born.

In just three months, Kind Face sold over 5,000 masks and began exporting to Australia, the UK, and the USA.

Kind Face logo

The Kind Face product range has now expanded to continue focusing on improving well-being and sleep using high-quality materials like 100% natural New Zealand wool and luxurious stonewashed linen. The company prides itself on making all products right in its Avondale workshop.

They currently offer a line of wool pillows including body pillows and cushion inners, lavender and flax seed heat packs, and unique Weighted Eye Masks. All the products are designed to make you feel good from production down to the packaging.

“We never compromise on our ethics. What’s important to us is that we remained focused on keeping quality materials sourced as local as possible and put the focus on New Zealand manufacturing,” says Danika Ciullo, Marketing Manager at Kind Face.

She says that as the company grows, they want to give back to their community with every product made. This means every product has to serve a purpose, such as better sleep, less neck pain, or reduced anxiety.

Woman using Kind Face heat pack

Danika shares how Kind Face uses Ultimate Special Offers to make it easier to bring these products to people. She says they wanted to bundle two of their best-selling products together and make sure people knew about the deal so it would be open to anyone.

They created a “Best Sleep Ever” deal where customers could buy a pillow and then get $30 off a complementing well-being aid –  Natural Heat Pack, Weighted Eye Mask, or Eye Pillow. It basically made the eye pillow free and the other items heavily discounted.

“The app made it super easy to do this for our guests and we could display the offer across social media, email, and in our bio on Instagram and not worry about discount codes,” Danika says. “We could easily add or remove certain products too. At first, we only had one item as an option!”

The goal of this offer is to increase transaction totals but also give people a chance to further improve their well-being for only a few dollars more.

Woman uses Kind Face pilllow

With Ultimate Special Offers, there are so many types of discounts you can choose from you’re sure to find one that suits the promotion you want to start. For Kind Face, Danika says they and their customers especially love the BOGO option.

So much, in fact, that in the past 30 days the conversion rate for people who have seen the Best Sleep Ever promo was 60%.

Kind Face pillow

Before Ultimate Special Offers, Kind Face only used the Shopify built-in discount codes which are limiting and don’t offer the nice design elements that Ultimate Special Offers does. Danika says she loves that Ultimate Special Offers gives you banners you can customize.

“Don’t make your offers and website too complicated. Keep it simple and easy to understand, and make sure everything runs smoothly’” she says.

UX is so important to conversion rates. It’s all organic stuff you can do without spending on paid ads. Danika says companies should really know their brand and who they are. What makes them different and unique, and how to be authentic.

“Get that stuff right first before moving on.”


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