Merchant Spotlight: Grasshopper’s Mermaid

by | Nov 23, 2022

Rose Schneider conceptualized Grasshopper’s Mermaid in 2017. The business is woman-owned and operated and completely USA-made. They also give back 10% to conservation efforts and just joined forces with both 1% for the Planet and 2% for Conservation.

In a fantastic story of growth, Grasshopper’s Mermaid began as a two-design idea selling stickers in 2017 and has since blossomed into a 2,000+ design brand with tons of new products coming in 2023!

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Needless to say, Grasshopper’s Mermaid has done very well for itself. Rose shared that she has stuck to her mission since day one.

“When you first start a company everyone has an opinion of what you’re doing wrong or what you need to do to succeed better, be bigger or grow faster,” she said. “From the start, we have stayed true to our mission and journey and it’s brought us to some wonderful places so far.”

Part of that mission was to offer products wholesale to customers, which Rose has done with the help of Orbit’s Wholesale Club app.

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Wholesale Club allowed Grasshopper’s Mermaid to grow sustainably before they had access to representative groups and before growing brand awareness among their audience. Being able to present their product to people privately and digitally allowed them to get reorders easily.

According to Rose, the app has been smooth sailing since day one, one of her favorite aspects of the app.

“It’s very easy to use, especially since I’m really not that tech savvy on the backend,” she said. “Also, the option of allowing our wholesale accounts to continue their net30 from ship date, they really appreciate that.”

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Rose shares how allowing products with different tags to be categorized with different prices really helps her to add new lines and bring in other artists that Grasshopper’s Mermaid works with, where they might be selling their art at different prices.

This has been a great increase in overall functionality and freedom for Grasshopper Mermaid, and has given them more time in the office to focus on making new products and art!

This time is highly valued, as prior to using Wholesale Club, Rose says the team were trying to take orders over the phone, which according to Rose was a ‘royal nightmare.’

The initial installation of Wholesale Club was done by a marketing company, but the Grasshopper’s mermaid team has maintained it in house ever since and says they love it.

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Rose shared some words of advice for new entrepreneurs:

“It’s ok to ask for help from other companies you look up to or people you know. I’ve been so humbled by how encouraging people have been when I’ve sought guidance from them on specific things that the company has struggled to learn.”

Rose also shares that new entrepreneurs should believe in their dreams and their company, it is their company after all. If someone giving you unsolicited advice was going to do it better, they would have done it already – you got this!!

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This blog post is brought to you by Rosie, Orbit’s Product Experience Manager.

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