Merchant Spotlight: Fervor + Hue

by | Jun 10, 2022

Fervor means passion, and hue means colour.

Fervor + Hue believe in brightening up your space with colour. It is a home interior brand, with a passion dedicated to helping its customers find the colours they love and make those colours part of their everyday. Based in the heart of Cork City, Ireland, their amazing team has been helping to transform homes, with a rainbow of interior décor ideas.

Fervor + Hue logo

Fervor + Hue is also one of Wholesale Club’s users, and like Orbit, they pride themselves on taking care of their customers.

The interior design business has been using Wholesale Club for nearly a year. They share that Wholesale Club has improved their Click to Conversion, or CTC customer experiences. It has also helped them to speed up the process and put in simple rules per product, making their business more efficient.

Man carrying Fervor + Hue bag and umbrella

Fervor + Hue has especially enjoyed the Custom Prices and Order Minimums features the app offers. They said for their business, being able to set up different customer groups is really useful.

“We had nine CTC clients before the app, now we have 85. Which is easier to manage than when we had nine,” a representative from Fervor + Hue shares.

Blue outdoor table and chairs from Fervor + Hue

Before Wholesale Club, Fervor + Hue used a separate system for wholesale clients and did manual order input every day. Now all of their business transactions are done through Shopify. They said this has made the inventory a lot easier to manage and overall a much better customer experience.

Their representative shares this advice for new entrepreneurs or business owners:

“Only spend money on things that will help your customers.” We’re glad Wholesale Club is one of those helpful things!


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