Merchant Spotlight: Element Tattoo Supply

by | Nov 15, 2022

Bobby T. works in Operations for Element Tattoo Supply and has been serving the tattoo industry for over 20 years. After analyzing the buying behaviours of customers, and three years with the company, it became obvious to Bobby that in order for the team to meet customers’ demands and increase their sales volume, a shift was needed. They needed to be creative in the way they offered products.

“I would say that we are doing very well at building and retaining customer loyalty,” Bobby shared.

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According to Bobby, Element Tattoo Supply does this by offering quality products that customers are looking for at a fair price, and backing up each transaction with the best possible customer service. This means includes fast shipping, obsessive communication, and rapid responsiveness to all customer inquiries.

The team also uses Ultimate Special Offers to help streamline their offerings and incentivize customer purchases. According to Bobby, Ultimate Special Offers allows Element Tattoo Supply to be flexible in its product offerings.

“This enables our customer to get the best deals by buying in bulk, buying in bundles or pairing products with commonly purchased items,” Bobby says.

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The app is so easy to use that creating discount structures are a breeze. Bobby likes being able to track how each of their discount structures is performing. This way they can adjust them as needed.

Volume discount and Buy X, Get Y are their two favourite features, according to Bobby. “Currently our conversion rate is 37.4% which is great. To be honest, when a discount program becomes popular, I end up converting the process into Shopify.”

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Prior to using Ultimate Special Offers, Element Tattoo Supply was using Shopify native features which were very limited. It became clear they needed an app to be able to do the things they need. Bobby says the Ultimate Special Offers installation was a snap and support was awesome.

Bobby says a key to their success with Ultimate Special Offers and something they want to share with other entrepreneurs is to learn your customer base. Know and understand their buying patterns. Make their purchasing experience as pleasurable as possible.

“Excite the buyer by offering discounts and being creative,” Bobby says. “Customers love getting deals.”

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