Merchant Spotlight: Cozyblue

by | Oct 20, 2022

Liz Stiglets started her company, Cozyblue, in 2007 selling a variety of handmade goods. These handmade items included soft knit hats, soft toys and blankets, and more.

As Liz’s interests and skills grew and changed over the years, so did the offerings in the shop. She learned to screenprint and started selling printed tees and prints, one of which developed into her first embroidery pattern around 2013.

“It was well received,” Liz says. “So after releasing a few more patterns, I decided to narrow my focus towards more embroidery patterns and then later, complete kits.”

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Cozyblue’s embroidery kit collection was created with both retail and wholesale customers in mind, and with so many different designs, there’s something that appeals to everyone. When developing products for wholesale, Liz spent a lot of time researching options and crunching numbers, trial-and-erroring all of the components of each product. She wants them to be the very best they can be.

For Liz, this means considering each tiny detail of the product, from the product design and packaging, down to the shipping and the customer experience. Cozyblue also needs to make a certain profit margin and needs to be sure that the systems for designing, creating, assembling, and shipping each product are viable.

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For Cozyblue’s wholesale products, Liz uses the Wholesale Club app.

Liz loves Wholesale Club because it really streamlines the buying process for Cozyblue’s wholesale customers. They can sign in and manage their account through Shopify and instantly view a version of the shop that is exclusively for them.

Liz shares how Wholesale Club makes selling wholesale so easy: “Simply adding a wholesale tag to certain customer accounts and certain products is all I have to do, and Wholesale Club takes care of the rest.”

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Instead of creating separate listings for wholesale items, Liz just applies the wholesale tag to specific customer accounts, and then the item prices automatically adjust.

Before using Wholesale Club, the Cozyblue website and shop were hosted on a different platform. Back then, Liz had to create separate listings for each of her wholesale items, and then price them accordingly. These listings were on a password-protected part of the site, that only the wholesale customers had access to.

“Starting with Wholesale Club was very easy, with just a few steps to configure on the back end. Once it was set up, it was quick and easy to add the wholesale tag to whichever items I wanted to offer to my wholesale customers.”

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With 32% of Cozyblue’s orders coming through Wholesale Club, this ease of use and efficiency has a big impact on the business. It gives her time to focus her attention on other aspects of Cozyblue.

For example, in addition to the design work, marketing tasks, and customer service, Liz really enjoys the process of creating/organizing systems for the business, and workflow methods for herself. According to her, it’s satisfying to make a plan, follow it through, and then make tiny tweaks along the way to continue to improve.

“When you’re starting out it’s hard to know what to expect, and it can be difficult to anticipate what your needs will be as your business grows,” Liz shares. For her, finding a platform and apps that will support you as you grow is key.

“Using a clunky workaround method might work for a little while, but it won’t work in the long run. taking the time to set things up properly, with growth in mind, will save you so much time and reduce stress a lot.”

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