Merchant Spotlight: Allo Nutrition

by | Aug 18, 2022

Allo Nutrition is a Toronto-based company that originated at the peak of Covid-19 pandemic. During this time,  it was tough to access gyms. Many people found it hard to maintain and support a healthy lifestyle during the lockdowns. At this point, Allo began to explore protein and supplements in an innovative way.

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After 15 months in the making, Allo’s protein powder for hot coffee was born. They make it easy for users to maintain their nutritional journey through the comfort of their favourite hot beverage.

“Our business relies heavily on our customers’ feedback,” says Maya Amani, Managing Director at Allo Nutrition. “We take it very seriously to listen to the needs of our customers and provide them with ways and solutions to assist their wellness journey.”

Maya appreciates the feedback, and how it has helped them grow. She believes new businesses should embrace every challenge because it’s a navigational journey.

“The frustration and experience are the most valuable education to help you excel.”

Allo Nutrition

Allo Nutrition uses Wholesale Hub to help them reach B2B customers. Maya finds it especially helpful in automating the wholesale process for their vendors. It’s also an effective tool for streamlining the process of information and the partnership journey.

“Automation is the key. The app makes it very easy to automate pricing, tags, orders, and fulfillment,” says Maya.

The data collection has been helpful for the business, too. Maya shares that Allo Nutrition’s B2B experience before Wholesale Hub was a manual and time consuming process. The app truly shaped the automation and makes the process easier for the vendors as well as the company.

Allo Nutrition

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