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by | Jun 3, 2022

This post is part of a series on the offers available from Ultimate Special Offers. To read about other offer types, check out the series homepage.

Would Ultimate Special Offers even be a sales and promotions app if it didn’t offer discounts?! Of course most of our offer types are discounts in one form or another, but we also offer a classic discount.

This post is going to go over exactly how to discount products on Shopify with Ultimate Special Offers, and how to make the most of your discounts!

What is a discount?

Obviously we all know what a discount is, so let’s talk about it in the context of Ultimate Special Offers.

The beauty of Ultimate Special Offers’ discount offer is that it’s automatic. This means no codes are needed – you pick the products or collections that are included in the sale, set the discount, and you’re done! It’s the same as walking into a physical store that is offering a sale on a bunch of products, where the cashier just rings up your total and the system knows exactly what the discounts are. It’s super easy for you and the customer!

(If you’re thinking, “No! I love discount codes and so do my customers!” Fear not, you can still use them with Ultimate Special Offers. This article from our Help Center goes over all the details.)

Why run a Discount offer?

Ultimate Special Offers has so many fancy deal types available, why bother with a simple discount? Let us tell you!

Shoppers expect discount sales. Even if it’s only a couple times a year, customers expect stores to have discount sales. Give the people what they want!

They’re easy. Customers understand standard discounts, and they’re easy for you to set up, too. “Get 30% off everything in the store!” is straightforward and simple to market. Sometimes that’s all you need!

Discounts can move merchandise. Discounts are definitely the easiest way to move a bunch of merchandise. Just create a “clearance” collection, put everything in it that you want to move, and set it at a steep discount. Bye bye, extra inventory!

How to set up a Discount offer with Ultimate Special Offers

To set up a Discount offer in Ultimate Special Offers, first determine a strategy, then set up the offer in the app admin.

Determine a strategy

Of all the offer types, this one requires the least amount of strategy! Just think about:

    • Which products, variants, or collections will be part of the offer?
    • Will the discount be a percentage, dollar amount, or new price?
    • How much will the discount be?

Once you’ve thought through those pieces, you have everything you need to get your sale going.

Set up the offer in the app admin

Our Help Center will walk you through this part step-by-step! Head over to the page Making a Discount offer.

Discount offer tips

    Publicize your sale

    Promotions should always be advertised on your social media channels, and a simple and straightforward sale is no exception!  Make sure customers are aware that they don’t need a code and that their discount will just show up at checkout.

    Create flash sales

    A super short-term sale is a great way to bring people to your store!  Keep your flash sales simple by using a single discount – no need to complicate a sale that’s only going to last a day or two.

    Use for large sales

    If you’re doing a big store-wide sale, a discount is a straightforward way to manage it.  No need to set triggers, goals, or anything else – just pick your discount and tell your customers!

    Test discount variations

    Try different discount amounts and types to see what brings in the highest sales.

    Discount Offer Resources

    To see the Discount offer in action, check out the Ultimate Special Offers demo store. The video below also offers info on running a Discount offer on Shopify with Ultimate Special Offers.

    Not using Ultimate Special Offers yet? Head to the Shopify App Store to install now!

    Interested in other Ultimate Special Offers offer types? Check them all out here.

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