Bulk Discounts on Shopify with Ultimate Special Offers

by | May 31, 2022

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This post is all about running bulk discounts on Shopify with Ultimate Special Offers! It covers what a bulk discount is, why you might want to offer one, how to set up a bulk discount with Ultimate Special Offers, and some tips for success with bulk discounts.

What is a bulk discount?

We’re all familiar with buying in bulk – Costco has taught us that when you buy a large amount of one thing, you get a better price. And that’s exactly what bulk discounts are with Ultimate Special Offers. Customers buy a higher quantity of a product and get a better deal than if they’d just bought one.

Unlike volume discounts, which are based on tiered pricing, a bulk discount is just one tier. Super simple: a customer buys a predetermined large amount, and they get a discounted price.

There are some factors that can make bulk discounts a bit complex – there’s flexibility around which variants, products, or collections can be part of the discount, and you have a choice between discount percentages or new prices. But overall, it’s a straightforward concept!

Why run a bulk discount?

Bulk discounts give you the opportunity to sell a large quantity of a product, which is always a good thing!

Bulk offers increase average order value. You’ve already got a customer in your store, why not get them to buy more? By incentivizing a larger purchase, you’re bringing in more revenue and increasing average order value.

Bulk deals provide flexibility to customers. Some customers need to buy multiples of one product, so why not give them a quantity break for doing so? Shoppers may not have even considered buying larger quantities from your store, but showing them a bulk deal will encourage them to do just that.

Bulk discounts help move merchandise. Overbought? Need to free up some warehouse space? Set up a bulk discount and get customers buying in larger quantities, helping you to clear out merchandise.

Bulk discounts sell more with less effort. Bulk buyers make selling and shipping easier and buy more products per shopping session. It’s often easier to fulfill, package, and ship multiples of the same product than singles of different product lines.

How to set up a bulk discount with Ultimate Special Offers

To set up a bulk discount offer in Ultimate Special Offers, first determine a strategy, then set up the offer in the app admin.

Determine a strategy

There are three parts to your bulk offer strategy: products, quantity, and corresponding discount. Consider the following questions:

    • Which products or variants are included? You can choose a single product/variant, or multiple items or collections, which can then be combined to receive the discount.
    • What quantity will be required for the bulk discount?
    • What discount type will you use? You can set a percentage discount, or create a new price to apply to the bulk quantity.
    • How much will the discount be?

Set up the offer in the app admin

Our Help Center will walk you through this part step-by-step! Head over to the page Making a Bulk offer.

Bulk discount tips

    Plan your discounted products wisely

    Think strategically about which products to include. Those with higher profit margins are great places to start. Also think about which products people buy in multiples already, to see if you can incentivize even higher quantities. 

    Reward returning customers

    Keep track of shoppers who buy products in multiples! You can add these customers to a customer group in Shopify. Then use the Bulk offer to give them exclusive bulk pricing.

    Test out wholesale

    Bulk discounts are a great way to dip your toes into the wholesale waters. They keep things simple, but allow a wholesale customer to make a purchase and test out your product without setting up a full-blown wholesale system. (Of course, if you’re already ready for a wholesale system, do we have an app for you!)

    Market for events

    Would any of your products work as party favours, classroom prizes, or gifts for other events or gatherings? Bulk discounts help encourage shoppers to consider your products when shopping for events.

    Test different bulk offers

    Try offering bulk discounts on different products and collections to see what results in the most sales.  Experimentation will help you find the sweet spot that produces the highest profit!

    Bulk Discount Resources

    To see the Bulk offer in action, check out the Ultimate Special Offers demo store. The video below also offers info on running a bulk discount on Shopify with Ultimate Special Offers.

    Not using Ultimate Special Offers yet? Head to the Shopify App Store to install now!

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