BOGO Sales on Shopify with Ultimate Special Offers

by | May 3, 2022

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This post is here to tell you everything you need to know about running BOGO sales on Shopify with Ultimate Special Offers! Read on to learn what a BOGO sale is, why you might want to run one, how to run a BOGO sale with Ultimate Special Offers, and some tips to make your BOGO sale succeed.

What is a BOGO sale?

BOGO is an acronym for Buy One, Get One. But it’s really a catch-all term, because when it comes to BOGO sales, it doesn’t have to be just buy one, get one. A better title might be Buy X, Get Y, where you get to fill in what X and Y are. The options are endless! Those endless options can get a bit overwhelming, though. Here’s a formula to boil it down:

Buy X, and Get Y at Z discount.

That could look like:

    • Buy one, get one free
    • Buy one, get one at 50% off
    • Buy two, get one at 30% off
    • Buy three, get two at $10 off
    • Buy five, get five free

Don’t worry if this is starting to sound complicated; you can make a BOGO sale very simple if you want. Just focus on the basic principle of Buy X, Get Y at Z discount. Here’s a handy chart to help:

Why run a BOGO sale?

If you’re looking for how to increase Shopify sales, BOGO deals are a fantastic place to start. Customers love them because they’re fun and provide a great incentive to buy more.

BOGO deals increase Average Order Value (AOV). Raising AOV is the ecommerce merchant’s never-ending quest: how to get existing customers to spend more money. Buy X, Get Y sales are a great way to do that, specifically if they’re set up as Buy X, Get Y for a discount rather than for free. Those discounted products can still make you profit and encourage customers to buy more than they originally planned.

Buy X, Get Y can help you move merchandise. Got some products you want to get rid of? Set up a Buy 2, Get 3 deal and get that stuff moving! Make the “Buy X” part a more popular product, and attach “Get Y” at such a great deal customers won’t be able to turn it down.

Use “Buy X” to draw attention to specific (“Y”) products. Maybe you’ve got some hidden gems that people just don’t pay attention to, or you’re introducing a new product line that you want to get into consumers’ hands. Attach those lesser-known items to a hot seller and build their popularity.

How to set up a BOGO Offer with Ultimate Special Offers

To set up a BOGO or Buy X, Get Y offer in Ultimate Special Offers, first determine a strategy, then set up the offer in the app admin.

Determine a strategy

The easiest way to decide your approach to your BOGO sale is to consider the following questions:

    • How many items are required to be purchased at full price? (The “Buy X” part)
    • How many items will be available at a discount? (The “Get Y” part)
    • How much is the discount? (What price will “Y” be?)
    • What products or collections will be included in the deal? Do you want it to be broad, and include multiple collections, or narrow, and include just a few products?

Set up the offer in the app admin

Our Help Center will walk you through this part step-by-step! Head over to the page Making a BOGO offer.

BOGO sale tips

    If you’re new to BOGO sales on Shopify, start simple!

    Buy One, Get One, or Buy One, Get One 50% off are great places to start. No need to confuse yourself or your customers the first time around.

    Choose items that require re-purchase

    Your customer is getting a free or deeply discounted item, which is great!  But to really gain their loyalty and ongoing business you can offer products that require re-purchase like makeup, food or other single-use items. Look at these sales as an investment in your business’s future and a way to bring customers back to your store.

    Select items that work together

    You want to offer products that complement each other. For example, offering two pairs of winter boots in a BOGO may work, but you could be more successful offering the boots with laces or thick socks.

    If you’re running a BOGO with snowshoes and beach towels, or pencils and computers, you might have a hard time getting traction. You want your sale to feel cohesive, and most importantly, to limit buyer hesitation.

    Use high margin items

    When you choose products with high profit margins, your sale will generate profit even when giving the customer a great deal.  Win-win for everyone!

    Create urgency

    We recommend running your BOGO offer in a timed window to create urgency with your customers.  You can also tap into features like popups and sale badges to further draw your customers’ attention to the deal.

    Test out different formats of the BOGO sale

    Try a variety of types of BOGO sales to see which works the best for your store: buy one get one free, buy one get one 50% off, buy two get one free, buy one get one 20% off – the possibilities are endless!  You can also experiment with different products to see what has the best return.  Ultimate Special Offers makes it easy to test out deals!

    BOGO Sale Resources

    To see the BOGO offer in action, check out the Ultimate Special Offers demo store. The video below also offers info on running a BOGO sale on Shopify with Ultimate Special Offers.

    Not using Ultimate Special Offers yet? Head to the Shopify App Store to install now!

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