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The ecommerce space is vast, and that can make online shopping hard.

Customers want reassurance that your store is legit – that shoppers like them are also buying from you. Since they’re not standing in a physical store with a salesperson and other customers, you need to recreate that social shopping experience. Bizzy Social Proof is here to help you do that!

Bizzy Social Proof creates a “busy” retail vibe and builds trust with customers by showing recent orders from real customers in real time

Bizzy Social Proof is currently undergoing maintenance and cannot be installed from the Shopify App Store. Existing users are not affected. Please check back at a later date for new installation.

What Bizzy Social Proof Can Do For Your Business

Build Trust with Customers

Demonstrate to potential buyers that other shoppers trust you with their business. Elegant recent sales notifications show customers that others have made purchases from your Shopify store, thereby building social proof.

Increase Conversions

If a customer has shown interest in a product by viewing it, you can retarget them with a recent sales notification for that specific product, thereby increasing the chance of converting them into a paying customer.

Create a Busy Retail Vibe

Build an atmosphere that is similar to the experience of shopping in a brick and mortar store. Giving customers the sense that there are other shoppers also making purchases from your business will make them more likely to buy, too.


Notification customization

Bizzy Social Proof notifications are highly customizable, from the text, color, size, and placement to allowing custom CSS and JavaScript.

Flexible timing

You can pick the window of time from which orders appear, from as recently as 30 minutes ago to 12 hours or longer. If your store doesn’t receive a large volume of orders, that’s okay; you can set longer time windows to include more recent sales. You also have the option to set a cap on the number of notifications per page, and set time delays between notifications.

Multi-language support

Set up your notifications to show in the language of your store. Fifteen languages are available to choose from!

Free, awesome support

Our world-class support team is here to help every step of the way! Emily, Paige, Kay, Jack, and Alex are available to answer your questions, and Rob and Iurii will dig into those extra-complicated technical issues to make sure things run smoothly for you.

Product selections

It’s up to you which products are included in notifications – you can exclude products by ID or tag to ensure only the ones you select are shown to shoppers.

Page selection

You also have control over which pages notifications appear on. You can add a code snippet to exclude pages, and you can even display notifications on other websites.

UTM tracking

Collect valuable insights about the success of your notifications with source and medium tracking.  Bizzy’s UTM tracking functionality connects to Google Analytics so you can see which notifications customers click on the most.

Easy to install

Bizzy requires no knowledge of code. It takes seconds to install and will have you building social proof in just minutes. Truly, it’s very beginner-friendly!

Over 500 5-star reviews in the Shopify App Store

5 star rating

“Awesome app! Since I start using this app, it has help me increase my sales with a 30%. I surly recommend it”

4 stars

“This social proof app seems to be working good thus far, greatly looking forward to see how it helps my store perform over the next few months. Great overall back-end admin navigation interface!”

5 star rating

“The app is simple and great, running smoothly, if we need any custom work, they are very helpful to assist. Highly recommend.”

5 star rating

“This app will help you to boost sales and build confidence with customers. Great way to advertise, works very nice, glad I could use it.”

5 star rating

“This app is excellent for providing much needed social proof. It does the job perfectly and is a must for any store. Thanks Bizzy!”

5 star rating

“Great app! Social proof is just what’s needed and this app provides all the social proof you need. Very easy to use”


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