BFCM Resource Hub for Merchants

Welcome to our Black Friday Cyber Monday Hub! Everything you need to make BFCM a success is right here. There are tons of Ultimate Special Offers-specific resources, but even if you’re using other apps, our articles will be helpful to you! And don’t forget, if you have specific questions, our Support team is here to assist.

The Beginner's Guide to BFCM

If you’re new to selling on BFCM, this guide will help every step of the way. From developing a sales strategy to planning out your marketing and logistics, this guide has you covered.

Best Practices & Tips from Support

Orbit’s Support team has assembled an article full of tips to help you make the most of BFCM! Learn about the best way to test your offers and get everything ready for the big weekend.

Offer Visibility

Let’s get visible! Make sure your offers get seen by your customers. This blog post is full of ideas to help improve offer visibility, including tips for working with sale badges and popups.

Offer Inspiration

Learn about some of our favourite offer types! This blog post goes over Post-Purchase Upsell, Volume, and Bundle offers, as well as offer stacking.

Ultimate Special Offers HQ

We have a ton of resources for merchants who use Ultimate Special Offers, and our Headquarters organizes them all into one place!

Help Center

Our Help Center gets into all the nitty gritty of Ultimate Special Offers! If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Merchant Spotlights

Merchant Spotlights are great for learning how Ultimate Special Offers works in the real world. Read about merchants who use the app in their Shopify stores and how they set up successful promotions.

Ultimate Special Offers: Offer Types

A thorough guide to each of the 9 offer types! Dive into how each offer works, why you’d want to use it, and tips for success.

How to Pick an Offer

This blog post asks three questions to help you figure out which offer type is right for your store. If you’re still deciding what type of sale to run on BFCM, check it out!